What you should know about coming soon Big Bad Wolf Book Sale held in Ipoh!

What you should know about coming soon Big Bad Wolf Book Sale held in Ipoh! | THE BIG BAD WOLF BOOK SALE RETURNS TO IPOH WITH UP TO 95% DISCOUNT!
Visit the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Ipoh from 6 September -16 September for irresistibly low-priced books.


Visit the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Ipoh from 6 September -16 September for irresistibly low-priced books.

The World’s Biggest Book Sale, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale will be marking its territory in Ipoh; the capital city of Perak. The Book Sale is set to open to the public from 6 September until 16 September at Mydin Mall, Meru Raya from 10am to 12 midnight daily. Admission to the 11 days Sale is FREE and book lovers will enjoy 75% to 95% discount off recommended retail prices.

Best known for its incredibly affordable prices, the Wolf is decked up to bring all genres of books ranging from fiction to non-fiction with the aim to fulfil the ultimate book lovers’ dream. One of the highly anticipated series at the Big Bad Wolf Sale Ipoh this year, the Magical Books. A preschool learning series and bedtime stories that uses cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) technology to revolutionize reading for the next generation. Suitable for children from 1-5 years old, Magical Books create an immersive, interactive reading experience.

 “A vital step for youngsters to become engaged readers is to discover the pleasure of reading. In order to cultivate reading habits from a young age, we consistently explore interesting titles that engage children in different aspects throughout the reading process,” said Andrew Yap, Founder of the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale.
Aside from international publishers, more than 40 local publishers would be joining us in the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. Publishers like Kualiti Books, Sasbadi, PTS and Pelangi will be bringing in educational titles at discounted prices where else Buku Fixi, Lejen Press, DuBook Press and Iman Publication will be featuring local novels during the Book Sale.

“Our mission is about making books accessible to everyone, with this in mind, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm, the Red Readerhood is partnering with local organizations to give books to those in need as we believe books are meant for everyone, regardless of their status,” shared Yap.


This year, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Ipoh will be collaborating with Pertubuhan Kebajikan Kasih Nurul Iman Negeri Perak and Teach for Malaysia to spread the love of reading.

Targeting children from
5 – 17 years old, the Book Sale will kick-start the initiative by donating 200 books to the young readers from these organisations. Visitors too, can play a vital role in helping the less fortunate by purchasing and donating books at the Red Readerhood corner during the Sale.


Other than books, visitors may also purchase the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale magnets, button badges and T-shirts at the merchandise corner.


Over the past 10 years, Big Bad Wolf Book Sale has left its mark in Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Myanmar, Pakistan and recently, South Korea. The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale will continue its journey to make affordable books accessible to everyone.


Join our Creative Photo Contest to Win a Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Voucher and Grand Prize!
Snap a photo at the hall and upload the photo to your Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #BBWIPOHSELFIE2019 and #BBWIPOHBOOKHAUL2019 within 6 to 16 September and stand a chance to win a Big Bad Wolf Book Sale cash voucher worth RM 50 exclusive for five winners daily and a Grand Prize with a trolley full of books!

Stay updated and follow #BBWIPOH2019 for daily updates on:
FACEBOOK: fb.com/bbwbooks
INSTAGRAM: @bigbadwolfbooks

Event details:
The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Ipoh 2019
Venue: Mydin Mall, Meru Raya, Ipoh, Perak
Sale period: 6 – 16 Sep 2019
Time: 10.00am – midnight (12.00am)
Entry to the Sale is FREE

About the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

Known as the World’s Biggest Book Sale, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale specialises in providing the widest selection of books possible at the lowest possible prices. It offers brand new books at discounts as high as 75% to 95%, with the primary aim of encourage people of all ages to discover the joys of affordable, accessible reading.
The Book Sale features a wide range of books across all genres, including fiction and non-fiction bestsellers, young adult fiction, as well as an extensive collection of children’s books.
  • The Sale, the brainchild of BookXcess founders Andrew Yap and Jacqueline Ng, has been a landmark event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia since 2009. The Sale has toured across cities in Malaysia and abroad to Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Myanmar, Pakistan and recently, South Korea with no plans to stop in making reading affordable for readers around the world.

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  1. huhu mmg imma fan of BBW! berbaloi sgt nk tmbah2 buku

  2. everywhere also got BBW nowadays... it's time to shop for books.. many many more books.. yeah! reading time!

  3. Big Bad Wolf!!!!!!!!! My favourite festival. Seronok giler Kalo gie BBW. Mesti shopping sakan.

  4. Memang harga kaw kaw murah, time ni la boleh stock buku banyak banyak .. kalau menang voucher tu memang lagi best , double the happiness.

  5. Baru tahu Big Bad Wolf ni bukan dekat Malaysia je tapi dah merata negara luar dia dah pergi. Bagusnya ada event macam ni. Belum sempat pergi lagi

  6. Menariknya Big Bad Wolf ni! Waima cx jarang pergi tapi ianya satu program yang baguslah. Banyak buku² ada, siap ada contest bagai. Seronok

  7. Seronok event macam ni. Tambah2 untuk mereka yg suka buku. Macam saya tka pernha lgi ke BBW tapk pernah ke PBAKL, mmg seronok.

  8. Beat tau pegi BBW ni. Dulu rajin bawa anak datang bila ada event mcm ni. Baru2 ni pun ada kt Seremban. Serobok borong buku latihan anak. Kaki buku sesuai sgt dtg ke BBW

  9. If you guys are a bookworm like me, I wish all of you the best in Ipoh - I will most probably will be attending there almost everyday - always have something that I need to buy. Always!

    1. Pegi ni pon marina tak tau la berapa jam duk sana

  10. I x pernah pergi BBW, tapi i tahu buki2 kat sini mmg murah dan berbaloi kalau beli. Dan bila ada contest bolehlah join mana tahu
    Menang hehe

  11. Owh, next lokasi kat Ipoh ekk. Boleh la bagitahu orang kampung.. hehe. Dapat la depa beli buku2 murah untuk anak-anak kan. Alang2 tu mak ayah boleh tumpang sekaki juga kan. Ye la, buku2 kat BBW ni boleh dikatakan macam-macam ada.

  12. Wah bestnya BBW nak mai Ipoh. best giler tau. Ruby ingat lg masa mereka memula buat di Mines. Borong banyak dan siap bawa troli sendiri. Buku kan berat. Campur dengan buku anak-anak lg. Hahaha. Kemudian haaaaa dua tiga tahun belum habis baca buku-buku tu. Terbaik!

  13. BBW terbaik! Masa BBW kat Terengganu last month Yaya borong macam-macam buku!

  14. ini memang satu satu event yang kena pergi. last hari tu dia buat kat terengganu. sempatlah kirim dekat kawan buku anak anak. berbaloi.

  15. best nya pegi BBW !! akak kalau singgah sini confim mau ratus gak habis.. hahahaha~ tapi puas hati lah.. harga buku pun murah..

  16. Selama duduk kl tak pernah pergi big bad wolf sebab dia punya ramai tu rasa macam takpe la kirim je kat orang. First time pergi masa dekat kuantan and sangat best sebab tak ramai. Hopefully nanti buat lagi kat kuantan.

  17. TB teringin sangat nak pergi eveny Big Bad Wolf ni tau.. tapi asyik takde kesempatan je nak pi.. kalau dapat pi mesti geram tengok buku macam-macam yang tengah offer murah2 gilerr..

  18. hari tu ada pergi yang pahang punya tapi sekejab je. ni dah sampai perak rupanya bbw ni

  19. Wow its been a while since I visited BBW lah! Used to stay up night searching for my favorite books, time to plan my visit now since it coming to KL again

  20. Still on going kann. Even duduk perak but ipoh still jauh nak pegi :') Me might take around 1 and half hour la nak pegi ipoh

  21. suka sangat pergi bbw ni sebab banyak juga buku best-best dengan harga murah.haritu makan dia buat dekat jb, airah ada di perak,ni airah di jb, diaorang buat di perak pulak