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Sustainable Women's Sportswear Options - Cosmolle | Knowing how to to play a role in the betterment of the world is one of the best things to happen to someone. One of the important parts is fast fashion, with which people are constantly purchasing new clothes and not discarding the old ones properly. As a result, there is a constant piling up of old clothes in landfills, which is increasing pollution.

For this reason, it's important that you focus on the sustainable clothes and brands that are playing an active role in preserving what's left of the planet. So, Cosmolle is one of the right brands out there as they are using sustainable long sleeve legging set. Now, let's have a look! 

Crossover Top

First of all, Cosmolle has a never-ending range of tops available, which makes it easier to choose one piece that ticks all the boxes for you. This one is made from recycled nylon material, which makes it convenient for people to play a role. To be precise, Cosmolle is using this material to ensure the leftover clothes are fabrics are being used rather than discarding them and causing pollution.

The best thing about this top is that it has a crossover design, which overlaps on the chest area. In particular, it makes the chest look bigger, which is perfect for women with a smaller bust. The long sleeves make it suitable for women who demand more coverage while ensuring that their arms look toned and slender at once.

long sleeve top

High Quality Leggings

There is nothing better than good butt leggings in your workout wardrobe, and it's cherry on top when the leggings are made from high-quality yet sustainable materials. To be precise, these leggings are designed with high waisted design, which makes the legs look slimmer (even the waist, so yeah). 

The leggings are designed with the peach buttock design, so the the butt will look more enhanced and curved. 



There was a time when jumpsuits and bodysuits were limited to the brunch attire but the times have changed. That's because the jumpsuits have become the go-to choice for comfortable workout and yoga sessions. An activewear bodysuit is a promising choice as it fits every curve of the body and hugs them to create a complementing look. 

What we love about this bodysuit is that it can support the breasts without wearing an extra bra. That's because there are removable pads in the breast area. Even more, there is an opening on the bottom to make bathroom breaks easier than ever.


Shorts & Bra Set

A right shorts set is most comfortable because it keeps you cool for a longer time period and doesn't cause any restrictions during the movement. The shorts are made with a spandex layer that increases the movement and flexibility. In addition, the high waist design helps tuck in the tummy and creates a slim waist. 

As far as the bra is concerned, it has a wide strap that ensures support for big-busted women. In addition, the hem is pretty wide, so there won't be any fitting issues either. 

sports bra

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