4 Tourist Attractions in Malaysia For Chinese New Year Holidays

4 Tourist Attractions in Malaysia For Chinese New Year Holidays | Most people are discouraged from going on vacations abroad because accommodation costs are expensive. Though, it's actually not the problem. As long as we are good at using promos and managing budgets for holidays, we can get cheap vacation prices. 

Flight ticket Traveloka could be an option to get comfortable flights with minimal costs. More than 50 airlines both international and local that you can choose from. If you want even cheaper, you can order the following tickets with residential accommodations such as hotels. 

The next problem usually faced is the cost to spend in the country that you want to visit. Well, no need to go all the way to Europe for a vacation, because that will be expensive. Malaysia could be the best option for the next destination’s holiday trip. 

Besides not requiring a visa for certain countries, the overall cost of living and holidays in Malaysia is lower than the average vacation abroad. There are also many interesting tourist attractions in Malaysia, perfect for the Chinese New Year holiday. Here are the recommendations. 

Destinations In Malaysia To Visit During the Chinese New Year Holiday

#1 Aquaria KLCC

Aquaria KLCC is a place for more than 5000 types of creatures on the ocean where you can see it directly. Going here will take you to dive into underwater life with modern and sophisticated technology. 

This luxurious aquarium is also suitable as a means of education for your little one while on vacation. Not only looking at the faunas, but you can also swim with the marine fauna in the aquarium. Of course, by following the directions of professional divers. 

For those of you who like to seek challenges, diving with sharks can be done here. There are three programs to choose from, called Cage Rage, where you can watch sharks and other marine fauna from an iron cage that is sunk into the aquarium. 

The second program is Dive with Shark. This activity can only be done by people who already have a diving certificate. Because you will be left to swim with sharks in an aquarium without any limits. It must be fun and challenging, to be able to interact directly with one of these underwater carnivores. 

The third is Sleep with Shark. Children aged 6 to 13 years can try this to experience. They will be taken to feel the sensation of sleeping under an aquarium, while looking at the amazing sea animals. Aquaria KLCC is located at Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur City Centre. Only 10 minutes walk from the famous twin towers to get to the location. 

Entrance ticket prices vary. For children 61 RM or the equivalent of IDR 205,000. Adult worth 71 RM or IDR 240,000. As for the elderly, the rate is 61 RM or the equivalent of Rp. 205,000. 

Aquaria KLCC

Tourist attractions in Malaysia

#2 Batu Caves, Malaysia 

Interested in historical tours? Visit Batu Caves while in Malaysia. Located in Gombak, Selangor, Malaysia. From here, you can see the beauty of the green limestone hills. There are also many popular caves and cave temples outside of Hindu temples in India. The temple, built in honor of Lord Murugan.

Batu Caves is 400 million years old. There are also many interesting parks to visit. Such as Amaniah Park, Sri Selayang Park, Batu Caves Park, Selayang Park and Medan Batu Caves Park.

If you want to go there, make sure your body is in prime condition. Because to reach the skin, visitors must climb long and steep steps. There is no entry fee to come here, but you have to prepare 5 to 10 RM to visit the small shrine there. 

The easiest and cheapest way to get to this place is by train. You only need to depart from KL Sentral. Trains come every half hour. The duration of the trip only takes 25 minutes. 

Batu Caves

#3 Genting Sky Worlds

Located at 2000 m above sea level, Genting Sky Worlds is ready to present stunning natural views for visitors who come. This amusement park was inspired by films produced by 20th Century Fox, such as Night at the Museum, Planet of the Blue Sky Studios, Sons of Anarchy, Ice Age, Rio and Epic, Life of Pi, Apes, Alien vs. The Predator and the Titanic. You can imagine how fun it would be if you were here. 

There are 25 interesting rides and some extreme rides that you can try. The design of this amusement park is also made similar to the stories of famous films from 20th Century Fox. 

Genting Highlands

#4 Legoland Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia is a family-friendly tourist destination. Your little ones and parents will definitely love this place. There are 8 areas that have different themes. Enjoy 40 rides, attractions and a variety of interesting shows. 

Get ready to get wet if you try playing LEGOLAND Malaysia Water Park. For those of you who like the underwater world, SEA LIFE is ready to entertain you with the underwater beauty it has to offer. There are 13,000 marine animals consisting of 120 different species.

That’s all about recommendations for tourist attractions in Malaysia that are suitable for the Chinese New Year holiday. Interested in visiting it? Come on, download the Traveloka application immediately to order Traveloka flight tickets, hotels, and attractions in an easy, fast and full of promos. 

Legoland Malaysia

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