Eczema Relief with ECOSTORE Products : From New Zealand to Malaysia with Love

Eczema Relief with Ecostore Products | Searching for safe products for your personal use? Do you guys noticed or heard about Ecostore products? Ever since, you as a consumer, love and always choose a safe product which is gentle to skin for your daily use. It may for your home care, body care, oral care and as important as for your baby and kids, right?

When it comes to organic and safe, it will be about to sensitive skin and eczema. Automatically my mind will come across of Ecostore product. Why? I will tell you more below.

Ecostore Background
Ecostore was found by Malcolm and Melanie Rands on New Zealand Northland Coast in year 1993 and it has been launched in Malaysia in year 2016. Now, it is fourth year Ecostore has been landed in Malaysia!

Ecostore manufacturing facility is the first in Australasia to be certified altogether CarboNZero, ISO9001 (Quality Managament), ISO14001 (Enviromental Management), and Environmark Diamond - the highest New Zealand level of environment accreditation.

Why Ecostore Products?
■ Ecostore is the No. 1 ECO BRAND in New Zealand. Impressive right? And now Ecostore products can be purchase in Malaysia!
Sustainable packaging (sugar plastic). The plastic of Ecostore packaging is made from sugarcane! It is 100% recycable kerbside and takes carbon out of the atmosphere as it grows, for a lower carbon footprint.
■ No nasty chemical + plant based ingredients
■ Environmental Friendly
■ Cruelty Free. Ecostore do not conduct or commision any animal testing on their ingredients, formulations, or finished product and pledge not to do so in future.
■ By using ECOSTORE products, we are playing role in saving earth!

Eco Products
By creating hardworking, highly effective product for people and their home, removing harmful or unneccesary chemical, the ecostore ethos has always been to put people's health first and give them the choice to live clean.

Ecostore always continue to proudly develop, manufacture and pack their household cleaners, laundry, body care, skincare, baby care and oral care products at their own carboNZero certified factory in Auckland and share them with the world.

• Ecostore Rose & Geranium Body Wash
- Made from plant-based ingredients including hydrating harakeke, to gentle cleanse, nourish and condition your skin.
- Use gentle body wash for healthier beautiful looking skin. Design to clean without stripping out the skin's natural protective oils.
- Winner NZ Best in Beauty 2018

• Ecostore Normal Shampoo
- Gently cleanses, hydrates and restores shine for soft and healthy-looking hair.
- Ecostore hair care is breakthrough in beautifully healthy hair without compromise.
- Normal to dry hair shampoo gently cleans and restores shine without drying out hair.

• Ecostore Lemongrass Soap
- A gentle, plant-based soap with a resfreshing lemongrass frangrance to reinvigorate the sense, and get your hands and body clean all over.
- Formulated to thoroughly cleanse and nourish skin.
- Made from plant and mineral-based ingredients.
- Tallow free and vegan friendly.

• Ecostore Manuka Honey & Kelp Soap
- A gentle, plant-based soap with a blend of Manuka honey, seaweed and bran make this a good scrubber and a popular choice for gardeners.
- Formulated to thoroughly cleanse and nourish skin.
- Made from plant and mineral-based ingredients.
- Gentle cleansing and exfoliation.
- Tallow free.
- Contains no nasty ingredients.

I have experienced this Ecostore products on myself. Let's check it out my personal review below and hopefully it may help you guys to make the best decision to choose Ecostore products for your skin problems!

My Review on Ecostore Personal Care Products
> Ecostore Rose & Geranium Body Wash
The texture of the body wash is a gel. It is clear color. Good smell indeed but it is not a rose smell as I expected. I do not know whether it is Rose plus Geranium or Rose Geranium smell. But it still a good smell.

> Ecostore Normal Shampoo
The shampoo color is clear. After first wash of my hair using Ecostore Normal Shampoo, my hair looks shining. My scalp feels fresh.

> Ecostore Lemongrass Soap
The soap smells lemon fragrance. The smells makes me relaxing. After using at my skin, it feels fresh and not dry my skin at all.

> Ecostore Manuka Honey & Kelp Soap
Bar soap in green color. The texture is a bit rough because there is dot dot like a sand on the soap. It is working as a scrub.

Customer Review on Ecostore products
Son's skin clear from eczema and hardly any need for prescribed creams!
Safety first for kids and no nasties!

Work well on sensitive skin!

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The excitement does not end until here! In conjuctions of Valentine's Day, There will be a "Best Gift For Your Love One" from No. 1 Eco Brand when you purchase Ecostore products!

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  1. Ohh this products sounds great and promising! Love their key ingredients in each items, as each definitely well known for their benefits. Will check out more about this products later 😁

  2. wow banyak jugak benefit produk ni tambah lagi full pakej set. elok sangat la BBL cuba mana tahu sesuai dengan kulit kan

  3. Canteknya packaging dia ..suka tengok..apatah lagi produk naturel mcm ni sesuai utk semua jns kulit

  4. Sis nak rekemen pada kawan laa, sebab anaknya ada ekzema, kesian sampai dia dah tak tau nak guna produk apa, kot mana tau, cuba yang ini serasi dengannya...makaseh share tau..

  5. Menarik product ni, kalau ianya dari sumber natural sesuai kepada mereka yang ada sensitive skin. Thank you for make a review

  6. Yang ada masalah kulit sensitif dan ekzema bagus cuba produk ni sebab terdiri daripada bahan bahan yang natural kan

  7. bagus ni kalau ramuan dia elok, bagus diamalkan. saya simple je kalau ramuan selamat insyaAllah bolehlah pakai

  8. Paling tertarik dengan Lemongrasa Soap tu, sebab saya mmg gemar bau lemongrass!

  9. plant-based tu penting...orang eczema ni kena elakkan seboleh2nya chemical n steroid..takut jadi lagi teruk...

  10. Bagus ye produk ni. Mmg betul2 organik la ni sebab tu sesuai utk eczema sebab eczema memang betul2 sensitif dgn produk yg tak organik kam

  11. Ni baru pertama kali dengar fasal produk ni... banyak sungguh dah produk di pasaran sekarang ek.

  12. Nampak dari testimoni tu ramai yang berpuas hati. Maybe inilah produk yang sis cari2 selama ni sebab ada member anaknya ada masalah eczema. leh rekemen kat dia nanti


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